H&R Block — Get Your Taxes Won.

H&R Block has more accountants, and more solutions than any other tax preparation company. Its safe to say its the easiest way to win at taxes. Also, Jon Hamm in funny hats. View Full Project

Made with: Bo MacDonald (CD), Joe Johnson (CD), Zack Carlstrom (CW), and Charlie Kuhn (CW)


SToK Cold Brew Coffee — Your Personal Lil Jon Hype-Video

Stok is cold-brewed coffee motivation. Its hype, of the liquid variety, in bottle form. Who better to hype people up than Lil Jon himself, and what better way to do it than in the form of a personalized hype-motivation video. View Full Project

Made with: Patrick Figureoa (CD), Zack Carlstrom (CW), Pat Sidoti (P), Patrick Gantert (P), Matt Terrell (AD)


One Touch Latte — Make Your Own Latte 

International Delight is releasing a new product, One Touch Latte, which can turn any regular coffee into a latte in 5 seconds. This is one great feat for mankind, but even more so for Cecilia: an elderly barista who deep down inside is just too sick of making lattes. View Full Project

Made with: Patrick Figureoa (CD), Lucas Tristao (CW), Erin Kirby (P)


Pērkons — A VR Rockumentary 

Perkons formed in 1981 in Soviet Latvia. Their music was new, influenced by western rock, and full of anti-Soviet metaphor. The band ignored government bans, court orders, and threats of life in the gulags all throughout the 80s. By the end of the decade, Perkons had become the voice a revolution. View Full Project

Role: Cinematographer, Art Director Made with: Cory McLeod (D), Lauren Carpenter (P), all of Fallon.


Stok 2017 — Look At You Go.

Stok is cold-brewed coffee motivation. Stok believes in you, and it should because you is awesome, especially with a little coffee and some courage. If you don't believe me maybe these can change your mind. View Full Project

Made with: Patrick Figureoa (CD), Alex Frecon (CW), Erin Simle (P)


CareerBuilder — Railroad 

This is something I made when I was in school and it'll always have a place in my heart and in my book. My thought process was: "Every bad job feels like the world's worst job. Does the world's worst job feel like every bad job? Yes." (Pretty good, no?)