Perkons: A VR Rock-umentary

Perkons formed in 1981 in Soviet Latvia. Their music was new, influenced by western rock, and full of anti-Soviet metaphor. The band ignored government bans, court orders, and threats of life in the gulags all throughout the 80s. By the end of the decade, Perkons had become the voice of the revolution, sparking the Third Latvian Awakening, which led to Latvian independence in 1991. Latvia was more than just one country seeking independence, they were the leaders of eastern-bloc protest and ultimately the collapse of the USSR.

With no budget and no knowledge of VR, we set out to see if VR could be a DIY affair. Using a blend of CG, archival photos, illustration, and animation we have recreated a largely undocumented story in full VR.


VR Documentary